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Our Story

When we moved into our new homes back in 2013, we encountered a number of challenges.

Many people might have had similar experiences as we did... Home furnishing was an exhausting, tedious and painful experience. It was an overwhelming, time consuming process that forced us to read hundreds of product reviews and go over-budget for unnecessary items.

Home goods shopping is the process of completing your home and you should enjoy the experience. We want to change the way home furnishing is done and make it a much more seamless and enjoyable experience for the customers.

Our Mission

We founded HousePouch with a simple mission: to simplify and personalize the home furnishing process. By uniting technology, creative interior design and top notch products, we are making the home furnishing process hassle-free and tailored for everyone’s home furnishing needs. Now you can have more time to do what matters the most and enjoy your newly furnished homes.

Our Promise

Only Best Products from Great Partners

We know it is difficult to navigate millions of products online to find what you are looking for. We partner with the best retailers and home goods providers to compile a large database of the highest quality home furnishing products. To ensure we only select the highest quality products, we use in-house technology to pick and list only 4 and 5 star reviewed items from partner stores.

Shopping Experience Personalized for You

We believe the home furnishing experience is personal. We created a personalization tool that automatically curates a shopping list of great home décor products based on your personal preferences including rooms, styles, budget and much more. We make sure the products you see will be specially tailored for you.

For Every Room in Your Home

We understand home furnishing is an overwhelming experience. We identified 140 different products types, from coffee tables to spatulas, that are essential for your home - either house, apartment or dorm. We created a home furnishing shopping registry and integrated it into our personalization tool to get you covered.

Lowest Price Guaranteed

We stand behind what we do. We work with our partners to make sure you are finding the best quality home goods at the best prices. We offer price match and update prices regularly to reflect price changes from our partners. If you are not satisfied with the experience, feel free to reach out to us with your concerns. We will take care of you.

Let's Shop!

Still have questions? Feel free to email us at info@housepouch.com.